Let’s traveling around world/International Travel Meetup event@Bangkok


I went to Bangkok international Travel Meetup event.
It was so amazing, and really enjoyed.

One of the participants said that the goal is to go to every countries in the world.
The United Nations states that there are 193 countries recognized.

Three people talked about their traveling.

First, it is the Easter island.

It is first time to listen about the Easter island, because it is far from Japan.
It is difficult to get there, mysterious about the Easter islands.

The speaker is Ric, it is clear to understand his speech and in end of the question time,
he repeated what the question the paticipants said.

Second, two week road trip across central and western US.

I would like to drive around US, it seems fun and go to skiing too.


Third it is Niger in Africa.
Actually I have never been to Africa, I have a few information.

The pictures are very beautiful.

I met the person who visited 191 countries.

He said Japanese passport is good travel around world.

Some people don’t live in Thailand, just travel in Thailand.

I really enjoyed this event.

I recommend this events!



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