Bangkok International Travel Meetup in February

I went to Bangkok International Travel meetup event.
I think it is one of the biggest meetup in Bangkok.
I listened to three speakers.
They have the traveling stories.

Volunteer @ Rio Olympics: My Little Adventure as a Media Interpreter

First, Speaker: Ms. Kul Kelly Bee
She went to the volunteer in Rio Olympics in 2016.

She said it is difficult to go to Rio from Thailand,
because she has to take many transit, she missed a connecting flight.
Many people moved to Rio from another country.

Her speech is good and it is first time to listen to volunteer experience in Olympics.

Second,Japanese hiking and Japanese traditional and modern culture

Speaker:Mr. Chris Kirkland
He shared the story about Japanese hiking and Japanese traditional and modern culture.
His uber-popular website gets 1,000,000 page views a month!!!
Check out Tokyo Cheapo!

This website is really good.
If you would like to visit reasonable price in Tokyo, please check it.
I listened to his story about Japan; it is surprising for me,

He enjoyed and said good experience to stay Japanese traditional hotel (ryokan).
Actually ,it is better to stay hotel than Ryokan for me.

He said Japanese people like dogs, for example Hachiko in Shibuya.
I have never thought before,

Now I also think Japanese people like dogs, for example Softbank dog (Otousan).

Third,speaking on the remote Pacific island of Yap.

Mr. Ric Gazarian

こちらも読む  タイでの服装特にオフィスでは寒さ対策が重要!

He has been to 117 countries and is on a quest to visit them all.
He is a travel blogger, photographer, drone pilot, podcaster, and documentary
Please check this site:Global Gaz

He was speaking on the remote Pacific island of Yap.
I think he likes speaking about island.
If I go to the unique island, it is good to ask about him.

This event was held in Sportsman at Nana in Bangkok.

[map addr=”スポーツマン プールバー” width=”600px” height=”400px”]


I have time to speak with another people,
it is precious time to listening to travel stories.
I recommend joining this event.

Bangkok International Travel Meetup




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