Hua Hin Grand Hotel&Plaza

It is the Hua Hin Grand Hotel&Plaza.

I stayed superior room during 2017-2018 new year Hua Hin Grand Hotel&Plaza.

It’s good location,

I walked to go to night market and Huahin beach and Huahin station and Market village.

5 minutes walk, I can go to seven eleven as convenience store.
My room is ocean front view, I could see the fireworks in New Year’s Eve.

The building is old, but it was large room and twin beds and a room with a bathtub and a shower.

I reserved two rooms, so I expected connecting rooms, but it was adjoining rooms.

There are no tooth brushing and hair dryer, I asked to the front desk, they brought them.

The room have TV, but there are no Japanese program and don’t have security box.

They have large pool, you can relax there.

In the morning, I ate buffet and it was good.

The cost was 2500THB 1 room 2 person included breakfast. So nice.

I recommended to stay there, and New Year’s Eve you don’t have to go to hotel dinner.

Good location and good price.



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