I recommend the TEA & FRUITS, good for souvenir or gifts in Thailand.


I would like to recommend the TEA & FRUITS,
It is good for souvenir or gifts.

What is the TEA & FRUITS?

It is unique products,
The first tea in the world with real fruits inside.
For each cup you get two bags tea and dried fruits.

It is delicious drink the hot tea and eat the warm dried fruits with a spoon.

It is also good for ice-cold or ice lolly-pops.



Usually, if I would like to buy tea-bags and fruits, I should buy each other.

But, I buy the TEA & FRUITS, I can eat and drink together.
It is very convenience. Of course it is delicious.

The TEA & FRUITS have 4 flavors

They have 4 flavors.
1.European style
Black tea with strawberry vanilla flavor, and dried strawberries

2.Thai style
Black tea with orange and passion fruit flavor,
and dried mixed mango and pineapple

3.Turkish style
Black tea with rose flavor, and dried apples and apricots

4.Mediterranean style
Green tea with lemon-mint flavor,
and dried lemons and oranges

Fruits are good for health. The dried fruits retain most of their vitamins and minerals.

Where can I buy the TEA& FRUITS?

In Thailand,

It sells Siam paragon in gourmet market,

Tops market ,  Foodland, Big C, Fuji super(Japanese super market).

I saw Siam paragon in gourmet market,

8bags 229THB(ex.VAT)

The package is also nice and cute.

They start to sell TEA& FRUITS in the supermarkets of Thailand in 2014.

In Japan, they export it, because it is good selling in Fuji super in Thailand.

こちらも読む  タイのタピオカティー・KOI Théコイティー・マツコ番組にも登場

We can buy it Cafe Rante – The insore shops inside Aeon supermarkets in Japan.


I think this products so unique and tastes good,
package is stylish. I recommend for souvenir or gifts.



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